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    May I pay the Proof of Funds fee after I close my deal?
    In any transaction there is risk that some of the parties may not perform. This is a situation over which CreditBurg has no control and, indeed, no involvement by which it could exercise control or guidance.

    For this reason, the Client must deposit the Arrangement Fee into CreditBurg acc. before the Proof of Funds is provided. The entire Arrangement Fee stays in the account until the Proof of Funds account has been verified. When all parties are satisfied with arrangements, the funds are released and the term for the Proof of Funds commences.

    Are your SWIFTs from a real bank?
    Yes. Some providers advertise that they have the capability to send SWIFTs. But is this from a real Bank or from some private entity that has tapped into the SWIFT system? You should note that an SWIFT MT760 is a bank responsible document.

    Will you ‘joint venture’ with the Client?

    May a third party contact the bank where the Proof of Funds account is held?
    Yes, after authorization. Compliance with privacy regulations precludes a bank officer discussing account details with a third party and casual, ad hoc contact with the bank cannot occur. Personnel at the bank where the account is held are not legally able to provide any information about the account (regardless of Client’s desires, entreaties or demands) and any repeated enquiry would be rejected and would severely compromise contractual arrangements between the Client and CreditBurg SRL. However, once authorized, contact with the relevant bank officer(s) can be coordinated.

    May we ‘ping’ the bank account or make a soft enquiry of the bank account where the Proof of Funds account is held?
    No. Privacy Laws preclude ‘pinging’. It is an invitation for the bank to close the account. It is purported that the Client’s account can be regularly ‘pinged’ to ensure that funds are still there, thereby enabling the Trader to use the funds as collateral to facilitate his trading program. While this may sound fine to beginners, in reality this arrangement would be unacceptable to banks (the Traders’ bank) as they have no actual collateral.

    Will the Arrangement Fee be returned if the transaction is unsuccessful?
    Once CreditBurg accepts you as a Client we guarantee that we will provide you with the agreed service in a timely manner and precisely as you require. Clearly, CreditBurg has no control over your transaction beyond the point at which we provide you with the service and cannot guarantee it will be successful regardless of the efficacy of our services.

    Do you provide hard money loans?

    I opened a letter of credit to my supplier, but he did not ship the goods. Will you refund my fee?
    Once the letter of credit is opened your fee cannot be refunded. We recommend to all of our clients that they need to assure themselves of their suppliers' ability to perform before opening any banking instruments to them.

    For what type of goods do you open letter of credit?
    We can open letters of credit for any type of goods provided they fall into our ethical and legal criteria. That said, we will not get involved in transactions involving weaponry or ammunition under any circumstances.

    What is the maximum size letter of credit that you open?
    We are able to open letters of credit of almost any size. We consider the complexity of the transaction; the goods that are being trades; and, other factors having to do with the parties to the transactions and where they take place.

    What is the charge for your services?
    That depends on a number of factors. Our agents can provide you with an up to date Tariff schedule.

    What type of collateral do you require ?
    In most cases we do not require a specific collateral deposit for our services. We offer transactional based finance. When a client wishes one of our services, he presents us with the details of his transaction so that we can make a decision about the transaction on its merit. The final decision by our company to enter into a transaction is made according to a set of criteria

    Can I cancel my letter of credit after it has been opened?
    All of the instruments that we issue are irrevocable and cannot be canceled except by the beneficiary.

    Why do I need to pay your fee before you open the letter of credit? Can't you take your fee out of the profits of our transaction?
    We do not participate in the transactions of our clients as a party to the transaction other than a provider of certain financing. Therefore, we do not participate in the profits of our client's transactions. Our fees are the same regardless of the profit margin in the transaction.

    I generally open letters of credit through my bank. How are your letters of credit different?
    The letters of credit that we open are opened using our bank accounts at prime banking institutions. When you open the letter of credit through your bank, you use your credit line. When you open through us, you use our credit lines.

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